Clever-Clogs Nursery

Welcome To Clever Clogs Nursery

Clever-Clogs Nursery was first registered with Ofsted in 1997.  (Ofsted registration No 316448).  Catherine Beech was the Manager from 1982.  She then went on to buy the nursery and the nursery was re-registered in her name in January 2012. (Ofsted URN EY435007)

About Us

We are a nurturing, homely and welcoming nursery.  We have the provision to care for 42 children at any one time.  We pride ourselves in taking great pleasure in our family atmosphere where we know children, their parents, carers and visitors receive warmth from our friendly staff team 

Choosing childcare facilities for your children is an important although difficult decision to make.

We acknowledge parents want their children cared for in the very best facility possible. We strive to provide a safe, caring, secure and stimulating environment for young children, where best practice is paramount. therefore enabling children to achieve their full potential.

We believe that when parents choose us to care for their children, they bestow a great honour onto us and also a great responsibility, which we consider to be our duty to discharge to the best of our ability. We make every effort to ensure our children and their parents remain at the centre of the services we provide.

OPENING HOURS are Monday to Friday

(Excluding Bank Holidays and the Christmas Period)

Full Days - (Anytime between the hours of 7:30am and 6:00pm)

Mornings  - (Anytime between the hours of  7:30am and 12.30pm)

Afternoons - (Anytime between the hours of 1:00pm and 6:00pm)