Clever-Clogs Nursery

Parents Comments

I wanted to say a huge thank you to your wonderful team in the baby room. Ellie has absolutely loved being with all the staff there. They have looked after her in such a personal and caring way, really getting to know her personality and likes and dislikes.
 I know Ellie has loved all the creative play in the baby room, I've a lovely collection of her artwork. The song and story times have definitely helped with speech development- Ellie often sings her way home from nursery.
 Steph- love the mud garden - the outside area is fun and colourful, so imaginative. Am sure all the children will love it for years to come, definitely worth all the hard work you put in.
 We haven't family nearby so apart from nursery time Ellie is always just with Mum and Dad. It was really hard to hand her over at first but that didn't last long - seeing how happy she is at nursery makes leaving her so much easier. I think it has been really good for her to spend time at nursery- for her confidence and development.
 Looking forward to getting to know everyone in Tweenies
  Tricia Walker

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for Bobbi-lee over the past two years.  She has loved every minute of her time at clever clogs! She has made some lovely friends and she adores all of you who looked after her. She has learnt so much over the past two years from you all and her confidence has come on so much, and I really want to thank you for this.   We couldn't have picked a better nursery. You all do an amazing job and I'm so happy Bobs had the chance to be a part of it.   Thanks again for everything! Bobs will visit soon looking all smart in her school uniform :) 

Bobbi's mum Laura xxx

I’m sure I speak on behalf of the other parents when I say how impressed I am with all your hard work in creating the ‘Mud Kitchen’ and outdoor area for all the children at Clever Clogs to use. It looks brilliant and the information that you provided us with outlining the benefits that the outdoor play will have on our children was excellent, as it gave us an insight to your side of things.  So I just like to say a big Thank You to you and all the staff at Clever Clogs for your ongoing hard work and dedication to run a great nursery. Tommy Loves coming to nursery each day which gives me great piece of mind whilst I’m at work.  

Thank you so much   Hannah Tooth

Choosing an educational setting for a child is a fundamental process, which has an onset result through educational learning. For me as a parent, it was important I found a nursery setting which me and my son liked and that he felt comfortable, safe, and could enjoy the benefits of nursery such as socialising with other children, learning through play and other skills key to his development. My son has been attending Clever Clogs nursery since August 2014. I started University in September 2014, ever since my son has joined the nursery I have always felt supported from the members of staff, such as if I needed to drop my son in earlier due to University commitments my needs have always been accommodated. I was in a situation a few weeks earlier and I was able to talk about the issues I was facing. This helped me greatly and improved my situation. The members of staff are helpful, friendly and polite. They always act in a professional approachable manner. My son has really blossomed since attending Clever Clogs, and you can see him transferring the skills he learns at nursery to our home environment. I think it is amazing how the children at the nursery celebrate and understand about different cultures and festivals throughout the year. I feel delighted I made the right choice for my son and that he enjoys going nursery. The educational setting, members of staff, learning through play motivations, educational resources, nursery activities are to a high standard. I know if I ever need support with situations such as university commitments and asking about my son's learning journey there will always be support available from Clever Clogs staff team.

 Fahra Nasir

Parents Comments

The day Iwent to visit Clever-Clogs a couple of years ago, I Knew that this was the nursery for my son Dylan Ramos.  It is a friendly environment.  The staff are fantastic, they are enthusiastic, friendly, caring and attentative.  I am very happy with the level of care provided for my son and feel totally confident in leaving him during the week.  The week is filled with fun activities and learning as my son will talk about his day to me.  There have been events such as the Christmas Nativity and most recently Sports Day which I can honestly say that the children and parents and families have enjoyed immensely.  I feel that the staff encourage the children to take part and teach them skills to help them to be confident and I have seen Dylan become a polite and confident individual. I am aware that poor behaviour is dealt with immediately and am very pleased with the discipline that is enforced and am also aware of rewards given to children to encourage good behaviour.  Dylan loves and enjoys being at the nursery and I often have trouble to take him home at the end of the day as he is too busy playing and having fun.  I am dreading the day next year when Dylan has to leave to go to reception, as Dylan will miss everyone as will.

Thank you                 Baljinder Ramos

I just wanted to give you some feedback as to my views of the nursery and the staff.Everybody was friendly with my Grandson Malachy, the staff were nice with him, he had a special bond with Steph as he could tell her things that he wouldn’t tell us about.He learnt a lot whilst he was there before he went to school, his development was very good.  He learnt how to express himself, he learnt to share toys with his friends. These factors then led us to choose Clever-Clogs Nursery for our second Grandson Dalton to attend.     

Mrs Daniels

 Thank you so much for Aliyahs personal statement report which i recently received. It gave me an insight and a better understanding on how she is doing and progressing in nursery. It was very helpful, when me and her dad both read the personal statement we were really delighted to know Aliyah is really enjoying nursery and has settled in really well and made lots of friends. We can also tell this at home she is enjoying nursery as she talks about her day with lots of excitement and looks forward to going nursery every morning. Thank you again for all the help especially in potty training I could not have done it without all the staff in Tweenie department. Keep up the amazing work.               Fatima Begum