Clever-Clogs Nursery

Baby Dept (0-2)

Baby Department (0-2)
Our aim is to create a homely and relaxed atmosphere where both you and your child feel at home in a safe, stimulating environment that will nurture your child’s individual need; with love, care, attention, happiness and security. 
It is divided into two main sections. The first aimed towards babies and younger children, who might not be that steady on their feet and the second for older Toddlers who are able to partake in more structured activities.

Our children have the opportunity to learn and have fun in a variety of activities during their busy day at Nursery.  All of which are designed to stimulate your child whilst also being enjoyable and fun!

As young children learn and develop mainly through the use of their senses, we at Clever-Clogs feel it is important to provide exciting, colourful sensory toys and equipment to help stimulate your child.  We also have a separate sensory area situated in this department, which incorporates a variety of resources that will invite the children to use all of their five senses. 

Your child will also have the opportunity to partake in hours of fun whilst learning fine and gross motor/manipulative skills

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